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Hi! ❤ Welcome to my page! ^.~

Music by Ian!





Age: 27 Star Sign: Libra

I'm Euline~ You know me, LOL!

I treasure my friends and those I love more than anything - especially my daughter, Monica! I may still be learning, but I'm making strides with my magic abilities~ Sometimes, they even work like I want them to, hehe;;

Little facts about me: My favourite colour is pink (but I look better in blue!), and I love flowers


Age: ???? Star Sign: Pisces

He's my boo LOL! I wasn't sure about him at first, 'cause he, y'know, tried to cover Hocus (I live there!) in a poisonous garden ^_^;; But, as

it turns out, it's just because he cares about his plant friends! How can I fault him for that???

...okay, maybe I can fault him a LITTLE.


Age: 31 Star Sign: Taurus

Ugh... he's my ex. We were best friends, too.

Gross. He used to be Hocus Tower's sacurity and IT system, but sometimes you get transformed from a computer into a real life jerk I guess?? It's a LONG story.

What was I THINKING?! UGH!!


Age: 29 Star Sign: Virgo

Sigh... it wasn't meant to be. I accidentally poisoned him when I kissed him LOL (I felt bad, OK?!) If you're reading this, sorry Darcy!

He's really sweet, though - I don't think he took it too personally. We're still good friends! I don't see him much these days, since he went back to work on his farm.

I'm glad he's in my life~


Age: ???? Star Sign: Leo

Bacillus' sister... I just met her, and she seems nice? VERY intense. I can't shake the feeling that she's hiding what she really thinks from us. But that might just be nerves from meeting my in-laws!

Her pets are really cute though!


Age: 38 Star Sign: Aquarius (lol)

I've known Pristina for a LONG time. She

may seem like she's always annoyed (I mean

at least with me hehe), but she's always there

to help in a pinch. Her powers are water

based, and she's REALLY good at it!

She's also a bit of a neat freak, hates germs,

etc. And she still tolerates Bacillus! She's such

a good friend.


Age: 7 months Star Sign: Pisces

My amazing daughter! Only 7 months old

and already an independent "teenager". I don't know what I was expecting, her father did say she would grow like a weed!

She's a little bit shy, and definitely a bit intimidating at first glance. But Monica is a good kid - I'd like to think she got that from ME! :P


... Bacillus might say otherwise, but he's just jealous!


Age: 42  Star Sign: Capricorn

First-in-Charge of Hocus Tower - Willow is stern, but in that mom kind of way. She's taught me a lot, and is (mostly) patient with me.

She's a Witch of Wind, which is fitting. She's usually pretty calm, but boy can she cause a storm when she's mad!!

I think she and Sammy are dating?? Cute!


Age: 39  Star Sign: Capricorn

Sammy is uh... a little hard to crack. I think we're friends? It's so hard to read peoplr sometimes!


She's Second-in-Charge of Hocus Tower, and totally makes a good team with Willow. Willow is the wise, grizzled detective and Sammy is the hard boiled cop!

I guess that makes me the rookie...


Age: ???  Star Sign: Scorpio?? Dunno!

Bacillus' older brother. Definitely a charmer, but I think I trust him even less than Glori )was that rude??).

Bacillus never told me about him - and now I know why, after meeting that slimy, smug-


construction gif.gif

Thank you for visiting my page!!! ❤



Age: ???  Star Sign: ???

I fell for it. Again.

He laid on the charm, put on a cute face...

Euline, you dummy!! Now he's used my magic to block out the sun so he can spread like a weed...fungus... all over every kingdom an' then some!

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